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Who We Are

Our Mission: About

“Since the dawn of time, any tool can be used for good or ill.”

– Brad Smith, President of Microsoft (Tools and Weapons)


Technology is a double-edged sword that influences almost every facet of life; be it assembly line workers being replaced by automated machines in favour of productivity, or AI facial recognition technology posing racial biases in identification, or even the current conflict between Huawei and the U.S. over 5G infrastructure implementation, time and time again we have witnessed the benefits of technology posing great challenges and threats to every social level of the modern world.


Increasingly, various stakeholders believe that technology cannot be left laissez-faire any longer, requiring some form of government regulation at the multinational and multi-stakeholder level. The sheer rate at which the modern generation of technological corporations has amassed power has presented a slew of new challenges for society to face, challenges that many governments are only just beginning to address with tangible measures. If we wish to enact significant and meaningful advancements in technology for the social good, technological corporations, governments, businesses, and non-governmental organizations must be able to maintain constant communication in order to develop policies and regulations that benefit everyone.


The GovTech Network understands that our work at the crossroads of technology, government and business will be more important than ever for the secure progression of society into the technological era at both the individual and the international level. Drawing on the expertise of those primarily within higher education, we strive to function not only as a research institution on various tech policy issues, but also as a host for conferences, open debates, and lectures from specialists within this important field. 

Our Mission

To enable and promote the discussion of the most pressing technological, governmental, and social issues that have arisen at the intersection of modern governance, technological and business developments across the US and the world. 

To aggregate those students interested in such developments under a common organization and to foster key conversations and events that promote the discussion of such developments. 

To encourage the adoption of technical solutions within modern governments, and the adoption of greater ethical practices and social-innovation projects within modern technology companies.

Why GovTech?

The GovTech Network recognizes a critical development within two of the fastest evolving pillars of our world: governance and technology. Within the world of governance, globalization and the development of technology in everything have led to a critical need of public servants who understand its related issues and consequences. Within the world of technology, the rise of large technology corporations and the impact of new technologies on everything from our social, economic, political, and environmental spheres have elucidated a clear need for leaders who can once more realign the usefulness and mitigate the harm created by such technologies. 


The GovTech Network brings together individuals interested in this intersection of development. By providing a forum for discussion, career development, and public outreach for these topics, we aim to cultivate and promote these critical ideas and nurture future leaders in both these spaces. 

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