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The GovTech Network champions diversity at every level, and we aim to incorporate diverse opinions to enrich our debates. However, because dissenting thoughts can lead to conflict, we would like to present and request strict adherence to the following guidelines:


     1. While you may disagree with a particular person’s viewpoint, please do not dismiss it as worthless; instead, respect the perspectives of your fellow attendees. Ideas and perspectives are often formed as a result of past experiences. Understanding another individual’s logic and thought process will benefit all attendees both in and out of the event setting.

     2. Please do not cite individuals on any words or claims spoken in the context of an event in any other situation. We want our speakers to feel safe sharing their opinions freely without fear of media backlash. A robust intellectual discussion should naturally evolve to inspire new ideas, but that process can sometimes include misplaced or potentially controversial claims. 


     3. The opinions voiced by our members at our events are not necessarily representative of our stance as an organization. The GovTech Network’s goal is to bring diverse opinions together in intellectual discussion, and we seek to instill this value in our members as well. We remain non-partisan in order to generate the perfect environment for students and professionals alike to engage in stimulating discussions around these policies.

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