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If you are interested in contributing an article to our analysis section, please fill out the following Google Form. Please additionally note the following guidelines:

     1) While we do encourage all types of paper submissions, please limit your contributions to 30 pages double-spaced, as any more will no doubt prove difficult to digest for both our editors and our audience.

     2) We will let you know within a week whether your submission has been accepted, and coordinate our editors to work with you to potentially polish your paper prior to publication.

     3) You will receive full acknowledgement of your contribution. We are thus asking for your name, university, and class to publish in the by-line of the article on our website.

     4) GovTech Network will also claim neutrality on any opinions that you may have. We are simply seeking to invigorate the discussion around government/tech policies by including a variety of perspectives.

For all other inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us at the following emails.

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