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Tech Policy in National Security

A GovTech-Ditchley Partnership

This year, the GovTech Network has partnered with the Ditchley Foundation in the UK to host a series of working sessions and a conference on the topic of technology policy in national security from September–December 2020. The innovation and proliferation of technology over the last few decades have revolutionised the world in an unprecedented manner, ushering in what many have termed the "Information Age." However, with the knowledge and benefits that these technologies bring comes the potential for disruption and destruction. National security has become a top priority for many countries in this digital age, as governments scramble to secure themselves against these new threats. How can industries collaborate to ensure the safety of states and citizens? How can we balance private and public interests? Most importantly, what should our next steps be? By gathering inspirational minds from the fields of politics, technology, business, and academia, our upcoming events will help address these questions and many more.

Further details coming soon.

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